Private Lessons Offered

Violin and Viola

What is a private lesson?

A private music lesson is a one-on-one session between the student and the instructor. Parents are encouraged to sit in on the lessons, especially is the student is a beginner. Student will receive a weekly 30-minute lesson. Please contact us about longer lesson times or about having bi-weekly lessons.

What’s a good age to start lessons?

You’re never too old to learn! If you’ve been dreaming about taking up a musical instrument, there’s no time like the present. Start today! For students younger than 5-years-old, the teacher will set-up a time to meet the child to access their abilities.

Should I rent or buy a stringed instrument?

While either is acceptable, I recommend renting with the option to buy, especially if the student is unsure if the violin or viola is the instrument for them. Additionally, if the student is a growing child, renting allows for easy transition to the next size up without having all of the smaller instruments cluttering up the house.

I recommend Mark Schwartz Violins for string instrument rentals in Genesee County, MI. I’ve known Mark for most of my musical journey. He is honest, efficient, and skilled with decent prices.